Pearl Essence Japanese Gifts

Delaware shop of ceramic dishware, cast iron tea pots, Sake sets, Sushi plates & toys
Ornamental Japanese ceramic dishware

Ornamental Japanese ceramic dishware, plates, sushi and sake sets, tea sets, soup bowls, decorative for the home and table settings.


Japanese Gifts Ceramic Dishware

Japanese Gifts - Ceramic dishware, tea service sets, sushi sets, sake sets, mix & match sets, kid's toys and treasures.


Japanese ceramic dishware

Pearl Essence has a large selection Japanese ceramic dishware items that can be used for a variety of other purposes other than what they were...

Japanese gifts for any occasion

Pearl Essence has a a wonderful collection of Japanese specialty items for all occasions from holiday gifts to spacial occasion like birthdays....

Hand painted Japanese dinner plates

Setting a table for a Japanese style dinner or just because... Pearl Essence's selection of dinner and salad plates will bring an elegant style...

Japanese sake sets

Japanese sake sets that warm the soul and beautify a table setting with elegant designs from Japan. Traditional Japanese rice wine decanters and...

Japanese ceramic teapot sets

Traditional Japanese hot tea kettles and cup sets are ideal for warming you up on those cold nights and anytime you would like a nice cup of tea....

Japanese Ceramic Sushi Sets

Traditional Japanese sushi sets are a must have for any Japanese style dinner setting that includes sushi (beautifully polished chopsticks...

About Pearl Essence Delaware Japanese Gift Shop

Pearl Essence Japanese Gift Shop In the Pearl Mall Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Pearl Essence is the Cultured Pearl Restaurant's gift shop, located in the Pearl Mall on the ground floor. We have a wide variety of Japanese items, from chopsticks to beautiful Japanese ceramics and dishware. Pearl Essence is also the home of artist Maiko Saleff's Artwork. You can find her paintings and t-shirts all at Pearl Essence. If you dine upstairs at the Cultured Pearl you get 10% off at Pearl Essence with your receipt for that night!


Located in the beautiful resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Pearl Essence is the premier Japanese gift ware shop that caters to all ages. We have a wonderful collection of toys, games and puzzles for kids and young adults. For the adults we have a grand selection of sake sets, cast iron tea pots, Japanese dishware and ceramics, collectibles and artwork. Pearl Essence is the exclusive retail outlet of
TLC Trays!



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  • Japanese Ceramic Dishware
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  • Japanese Ceramic Dishware
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  • Japanese Sushi & Saki Set
  • Japanese Large Ceramic Bowls
  • The Cultured Pearl
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  • Japanese Soji Solar Lanterns
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